As the storm coming in from the Atlantic sets to hit the UK, it is clear that no amount of preparation can make homeowners immune to extreme weather. Our experience, through the advice line that most of our clients have dealt with some sort of damage resulting from stormy weather, including flood damage. The next few days will be no different.
Any pre-storm steps should have been taken to minimise the risk both to the property and to the people living inside it.

It is definitely the tenants who will be calling the managing agent to report damage and it is crucial that any calls from tenants are logged and the necessary steps then taken to ensure that any damage is put right as soon as possible and that there is no risk to the health and safety of the tenant.
Making contact with the landlord is extremely important as he must be kept up to date on any issue relating to the property. It is in circumstances such as these that managing agents will require insurance records which will assist with informing the insurers of any damage which may have occurred. According to research from Halifax Insurance a quarter of UK homeowners have never checked the condition of their roof, despite the fact that a fifth (19%) of homes has suffered from water ingress in the last two years and a further 10% have been subject to windstorm damage. It’s these “neglected” homes that could suffer the most in the forecasted St Jude storm, due to hit tomorrow, and is why all homeowners are being urged to check the condition of their homes to be properly prepared.

When visiting properties where damage has been reported it necessary that managing agents take photographs of any damage in order to assist with claims.

Agents may be dealing with the following over the next few days:-

Wind damage to roof tiles and damage caused by loose tiles is a common occurrence during storms.
Damage caused by items left loose outside, such as toys, tools, barbecues or bicycles.
Detached chimneys and aerials.
Damage to gates and fences.
Flood damage caused by heavy rain.
Fallen branches and trees.
Broken windows and doors.
Insurance companies have also given tips on how homeowners can minimise damage.‘With the severe weather forecast there are some simple steps homeowners can take to help limit the damage caused,’ said Ben Horton, More Than’s director.‘Securing garden furniture and fences offers some protection from strong winds and, with heavy rain forecast, there is a chance of localised flooding and those most at risk should consider getting ready to move valuable possessions upstairs. If you’re affected by the weather, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible, so it’s worthwhile keeping their contact details to hand.’