Given the busy lives that we lead, its not often that we have time to reflect on what truly motivates us or on who inspires us.

Our conference had a profound effect on the delegates, it wasn’t only Linda Cruse who will be remembered on that day. Sean Riches, Charles Walker MP, Nick Tadd and Jonathan Davis all possessed a unique quality about them – they were passionate about what they do and goodness did it show. They had the ability to inspire and motivate, to create a buzz which is quite an exceptional quality to have. There were some who thought that Jonathan’s presentation was a little negative, nevertheless, he caused a stir and got the whole room talking. No one was bored and not one person fell asleep.

However, you do not have to speak at a conference in order to be motivational and inspirational. I spend a lot of time training, working with and advising agents. The agents in question may be starting up a business or be very experienced, however, they have one thing in common –  they want to learn, improve, change, be motivated….. there is no law stating they have to invest in continuous professional development or even be qualified, but what our clients don’t realise is that their presence motivates and inspires me. I get to watch them change their attitudes to the industry, make changes to their businesses, improve their practices. I am really fortunate in that I love what I do and I am motivated and inspired every time I walk into a client’s office, every time I train a group of agents.

It sounds idyllic – it isn’t, business is tough, challenging, there are good days and bad days.  Part of my role as a trainer is to focus on excellent business practice. Often for many different reasons, the agent may have lost sight of what a good job they are doing and that’s the motivational and inspirational break through – watching the people in front of you have an epiphany.  Attending a training course is not just about learning, its also about reflection – thinking about what you do, how you do it and often realising that compared to many, you are actually quite exceptional.

Today I received an email from a guy who is studying the BTEC Diploma in Residential Letting & Management; he started the course in January of this year and is almost half way through. He had hit a wall and was struggling with his next assignment. He told me that he had left school at the age of 16 with no qualifications and 20 years on is managing a team of twelve. He said that studying has motivated him to carry on after his diploma and study for a degree. He thinks it’s the course and in part it is an excellent platform for him to develop and grow, both personally and professionally. Yet in all honesty the motivating factor is his open mind and the sheer will to embrace change.

That’s just one of example of the inspirational people I am privileged to work with every single day.