It is not often that a conference for Letting Agents is still being talked about almost one month on, however, this is the case the GLM conference and one of the reasons, or should I say people responsible for the ongoing discussion which started at the Emirates, is Linda Cruse.

So who is Linda Cruse? Linda Cruse has worked as a front – line humanitarian aid worker, a personalised mentor and an inspirational speaker, working with hundreds of thousands of people from over 40 countries worldwide. From presidents of companies, royalty, politicians, the medical profession, survivors of catastrophic natural disasters, slum-dwellers and people traumatized by conflict, offering them ideas, tools and techniques to turn their lives around. Helping people take control of and immediately increase their quality of life. It works and it works fast. Over twenty years ago Linda successfully changed her own life around. Frustrated and miserable, going temporarily blind through stress, she was forced to carve a new positive way forward. Her subsequent personal transformation inspired her to share her journey and innovative methods with others. She found fulfilment and contentment through finding her purpose. Linda has survived extreme conditions, escaping from a rebel army, evading near rape and working under gunfire.

Linda’s experience of life and near death has given her a unique insight into the human psyche and an extraordinary gift of heightened awareness that enables her to intuitively link to you, enabling you to quickly identify what it is that is holding you back.

On July 12th, we will be spending the afternoon with Linda who will be guiding us through Emergency Zen.

Whatever you experience in the next 10 or 20 years – your friends, family, your love life, your financial security, your career will all be influenced by what you do today.

Emergency Zen   quickly accesses a receptive mind – body – spirit state to effortlessly imprint a desired change. The resulting personalized plan of action delivers swift results with lasting impact.

Emergency Zen is a unique programme that uses an inspired blend of science, biology, psychology, ancient wisdom, quantum physics, Linda’s extraordinary energy and her own personal journey.

Emergency Zen is interactive, experiential, results driven and fun. Using a wide variety of techniques such as dynamic visualization, intuition recognition, the laws of abundance, energetic breathing and meditation. Learning to relax as deeply as a Zen monk.

Emergency Zen revitalizes you, sharpens your instincts and wakes up your senses. You feel so alive afterwards you had no idea that before that you were only existing.

You will feel nurtured and supported on an emotional level, learning to exercise your emotional muscles not just your physical ones, feeling clearer, more balanced, and more energetic. You will see doors fly open that were previously closed.

Emergency Zen helps you to take stock, release fears, think out loud, conjecture, verify, and become truly yourself; unstoppable and unwavering.

Your seminar with Linda will include:

Find Yourself, Be Yourself

The spirit of adventure, Remember what you love, Clearing Bad Vibes & Quick fix Energisers

Every Feeling Counts

Vibrations – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Power of the Mind, Go to the Beach First, Seeing is Believing

The Art of Happiness

The Happiness Habits, Laughter – the Best Medicine, Finding your Flow

Love Yourself

Own your gifts, Nurturing yourself, Are you doing what you love?, You are unique!

Don’t Look for Heroes, Be One!

Your unique values, Everything starts as a dream, Honouring the hero in you, The ultimate gift

We hope that you will join us and benefit from the experiences Linda is prepared to share.

If you wish to attend the seminar please contact the Guild of Letting & Management – Tel:- 01992 479974