Studying at the best of times is challenging, whether full-time, part-time, at school, college or university – trying to fit everything in can be tough.

Since the BTEC in Residential Lettings & Management was launched in 2006 students have worked extremely hard to achieve a qualification at Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4. It is the Level 4 Professional Diploma which has been the most sought after and each student who completes the course has produced 18 assignments of totalling 18,000 words and gone through an exm lasting 3 hours.

As the Private Rented Sector has evolved, so has the qualification and so have the learners. The Sector has become more professional, agents take professionalism seriously and want to find a USP that sets the apart from their competitors. The BTEC serves as a bench mark, underpining existing knowledge and providing the learner with confidence and a stamp of excellence. 2014 more than any other year saw an increase in the number of candidates registering for the BTEC suite of qualifications but also an increase in the numbers completing – 43 in total.

All achieved a pass , merit or distinction – 5 candidates achieving a distinction in the exam.

The companies investing in their employees take personal and professional development very seriously, after all it is a perfect win-win situation benefitting both the learner and the agency.

Terry Lucking, owner of Belvoir Peterborough adopted the BTEC as a prerequisite very early on and most of his team have completed a BTEC qualification at Level 3 or Level 4. Belvoir Central Office followed suit by working in partenrship with the Guild of Letting & Management and having their own Virtual Learning Environment developed tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the Franchisor.

Northwood have been licensed to train the BTEC qualification since 2009 and many franchisees have gone on to complete the qualification at Level 4.

MyLondonHome, based in Westminster prides itself on ensuring that every property manager is qualified to a Level 4.

Learners across the country have benefitted from the way in which the qualifications help them in their day to day role, but also provides them with an in-depth understanding of a very complex industry.

Our successful learners are now in the position to become members of ARLA or Associate Members of the Royal Insititue of Chartered Surveyors. Many of our learners continue studying moving on to a qualification in Eseate Management or Law.

Congratulations to all our learners. We are extremely proud.

Susie Crolla – CEO