In the property arena and Private Rented Sector, people “invest” in bricks and mortar to make a commercial ROI (return on investment).

We wanted to propose an alternative – but equally important investment – and that is investing in people.

Let me explain.

In the largely un-regulated Private Rented Sector, there are few barriers to setting up a lettings agency.

It’s a competitive arena, with agents vying for both landlords and tenants.  There is rising consumer awareness of “rogue” agents and also rising consumer activism in seeking redress.

One action you can take to differentiate yourself from the competition, is to commit to professional standards in every aspect of your daily routine.

Creating a “culture of excellence” from the top down will bring many rewards to your business.

In our busy and competitive world, two factors are recognised as key benchmarks for success – quality and professionalism.

It is no different for letting agents and property managers who work within a sector offering an important service to private individuals and companies. It is therefore essential to be seen as thoroughly professional at all times, to be aware of how the market works, and to constantly strive to meet recognised codes of practice and achieve standards of excellence.

To invest your resources in your staff is to spark their talents and support them in being the best that they can be.

The benefits of training will manifest in many positive and different ways within your business such as increased loyalty from staff, increased productivity, happier staff, fewer complaints from customers, not to mention a feeling of pride in the services you offer to your clients.

CEO of Guild of Letting, Susie Crolla comments:

“At Guild of Letting we are incredibly passionate about training and the benefits that can be felt within a business as a result of investing in people.  Our new BTEC3 and BTEC4 courses provide a valuable set of qualifications with the heart very much being that we train on what the client does on a day to day basis”.

Over the last 25 years, BTECs have helped millions of people develop the skills they need to progress.

Engaging and inspiring, these work-related qualifications are suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. For instance, the BTEC Advanced Certificate in Residential Letting covers all aspects of residential letting including tenancy agreements, legal safety regulations and dealing with administration.

• BTECs are work-related qualifications suitable for a wide range of students, built to accommodate the needs of employers.

• They provide a practical, real-world approach to learning without sacrificing any of the essential subject theory.

• They are recognised by schools, colleges, universities, employers and professional bodies across the United Kingdom and in over 100 countries worldwide.

• They continue to be developed and updated with and for industry, and in response to the needs of learners.


• BTECS are understood and recognised by a large number of organisations in a wide range of sectors.

• They offer natural progression along a vocational path, from and to academic qualifications and university.

• Many industry and professional bodies offer successful BTEC students exemptions for their own accredited qualifications and/or membership, such as RICS and ARLA.

• Students can progress through the course at their own pace, to fit in with work and family commitments.

In a world where consumers are becoming increasingly educated and aware, now is the time to stand up for professional standards and voluntarily commit to excellence, rather than being forced to do so by mandatory regulation.

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The Guild of Letting & Management strives to be the collective force influencing and shaping residential lettings and management practitioners. It seeks to be the acknowledged leader in developing standards for efficient, effective, and ethical business practices; and valued by highly skilled residential letting and management professionals and viewed by them as crucial to their success.

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