The measures proposed to deal with so-called retaliatory evictions have been approved by the House of Lords.
A Government amendment to the Deregulation Bill could prevent repossession of a private rental property within six months of a tenant’s written complaint about the condition of a property where the landlord has not given an “adequate response” within 14 days.
Should a landlord FAIL to give an “adequate response” the tenant would have recourse to complain to the local authority who could then serve a notice on the landlord, setting out “a reasonable timescale” for works to be carried out.
Lord Howard of Rising, a conservative peer and private landlord said that a six-month block on being able to serve a Section 21 notice could easily become ten months if the local authority delayed acting on a tenant’s complaint. He was also questioned that a 14-day time limit for a landlord to respond to a request might not be deemed as reasonable, given that a landlord could be on holiday. There were also concerns raised about some landlords not having the financial ability to carry out repair work. However, after further debate Lord Howard withdrew the amendment.

There were other amendments to the Bill relating to tenancy deposits.
One clarifies that where a letting agent has received a deposit on behalf of a landlord, the letting agent’s contact details can be given in the Prescribed Information instead of the landlord’s details. This has been a concern of agents and property managers since April 6th, 2007.
A second amendment related to Charalambous v Ng 2014, which concerned a landlord who received a tenancy deposit prior to 2007.
Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon explained that the tenancy in question became periodic prior to the date that the tenancy deposit legislation came into force and has continued as such ever since. The court found that the tenancy deposit legislation should apply to all landlords in this position and that they must protect deposits if they wished to rely on the Section 21 notice for eviction..
The next key change to be aware of is the Right to Rent Scheme is due to be expanded across the UK. I am being asked about this on a daily basis and it refers to the Immigration Act 2014. We will be running workshops starting on 12th March 2015 which will provide an outline of what letting agents, property managers and landlords will be required to do to ensure that tenants are permitted to reside in the UK.

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