Many situations which end up in a complaint against the agent or worse, in a claim for negligence, can be traced back to some sort of error. It is key to ensure that the processes and procedures in place are as close to flawless as possible – starting with pre-tenancy and qualifying the tenant right the way through the duration of the tenancy to the check out proecdure.Ensuring the foundation of the agency are strong can help avoid so many pitfalls.

  1. Invest in training your team – Identify the needs of your agency and the needs of employees. Once your are aware of your training requirements, you can set your budget and choose from soft skills training (effective communication, conflct management, professional telephone techniques) to in-depth specific courses which deal with legislation and the technical side of lettings & property management.
  2. Keep up to date with change – Agents are bombarded with information from many different sources, however, some agents are still not aware of key changes – HHSRS, Prescribed Information, EPCs, Gas Flues. If the agent is the facilitator between landlord & tenant, it is crucial that s/he stays ahead of them.
  3. Paperwork – Source your paperwork from reliable sources and understand that any relevant changes in legislation must be implemented through the relevant documentation.

If your processes are thorough from day one – in this litigious society be sure that you have no gaps in your systems and ensure your ducks are in a row. Susie Crolla – The Letting Training Centre (UK) Limited