This week we ran a brand new course which was requested specifically by a client – Achieving Excellent Customer Service.
We think we all know, myself included, what that means – Excellent Customer Service – and what that looks like, but you would be surprised.
The initial part of the course focuses on “You” as the Consumer – How do YOU like to be treated? What are YOUR expectations as a Consumer? Who don’t YOU like doing business with?
And then we flip everything on it’s head and concentrate on YOUR customers. Surprisingly, some agents do not know who their clients are. That’s where it gets interesting because pretty much everyone YOU come into contact with has the potential to be a customer or IS a customer and YES, that includes tenants.
We hone in on the way in which we achieve not just good customer service, but EXCEPTIONAL customer service and we realise part way through the course that is not terribly difficult. Tweaking the mind-set helps, remembering that whilst the customer may not always be right, s/he does pay our wages – without them we would be sitting in an empty office, twiddling our thumbs. Even dealing with complaints should not be a chore. When I receive complaints (and I have, and I do) it means something isn’t quite right in your organisation and therefore, we are given an opportunity to put it right, and in turn win over the client.
At the end of a very long day the room was buzzing with excitement on how to make the customer experience a positive one. Remember that you need a little nudge and a reminder that you too are a consumer and you should ask yourself how would you feel to be on the receiving end of the service You provide.
If you are smiling, then you must be doing something right.

The Customer Service course will run starting in London & Bristol from September 2015. Dates will be published on our website at the end of this month.