Writing a new course is always a challenge. It is like a journalist trying to come up with a riveting and inspiring “Can’t wait to be read” article. However, this course was easy to write – the motivation comes from making sure our clients leave the course feeling inspired, motivated, challenged and ready to build on the excellence and good practicve that exists in their agency.
Imagine that the date is five years from now. Where do you want your agency to be in 5 years’ time? Now is a good time to let your mind roam, exploring every avenue that you’d like your business to go down. This new course examines the ways in which an established agency can further develop its business in a strategic and effective manner. You will have the opportunity to reflect on the potential growth of your own agency as well as personal and career development.
The objectives will focus on a range of different methods to focus on your business.
Whether you run a small business or a multi-million pound corporation, determining your objectives is extremely important, and in order to achieve your objectives it is very important to put a plan in place.
The course will focus on the following and provide you with some tools to help you successfully develop your letting agency. Course content will include:-
· Increasing profits
· Attracting new landlords and new tenants
· Looking at maintaining and increasing your fee structure
· Playing to the strengths of your staff
· Reducing costs and increasing revenue
· Generating more value added business
· Marketing your agency effectively
Further information can be found on www.lettingtrainingcentre.co.uk or by calling 01992 479974.