I spend my working days speaking to letting agents, property managers, block managers and individuals involved in the renting of property. The contact I have with our clients is often through the advice line, via email, on a training session or at a conference. More often than not our clients discuss issues, problems, queries they may have with me or one of my team, but it’s through the advice line that we thrash out situations which range from matters relating to paperwork to death of a tenant. Some issues are more serious than others, some issues are on going and require time to find a solution, however, regardless of the issue in question, our clients call us because they need help and guidance. Our clients don’t call us to see how we are, and I don’t mean that in facetious way – our clients call because they require assistance, help and support. And that’s what makes the job I do so rewarding. My business is about helping my clients – being available to solve problems and deal with a crisis is a big part of what we do, and the objective is to prevent issues escalating. Some people hate to ask for help they need it, but suffering in silence is not an option – the adage “A problem shared..” is true. Some of the calls we deal with are very sensitive, so we pride ourselves on ensuring our clients have confidentiality.
We are aware that our clients have to meet certain expectations – they clients cannot follow out-of-date practices – they need to comply with legislation. A few weeks ago I posted a Tweet about being honoured that we are allowed into our clients businesses. That sounds rather twee, however, our clients do share a great deal of information with us and we work very hard in ensuring that our clients are the best they can possibly be. Our goal is to help them get there.