Our conference which was well documented was a success. What was the reason for this has to be attributed to the speakers, (the Emirates is always a draw- perhaps not for Spurs or Chelsea supporters!) who as I have mentioned in previous blogs, were superb.
This is the first year that speakers have presented post-conference events.
Nick Tadd, Digital Media expert gave the Guild an in-depth insight into the workings of the Digital Way of Life – a day which included a potted history of the evolution of the Internet, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare, YouTube and much more. The underlying message from Nick was extremely clear – Embrace digital media or get left behind. The consumers of the future live their lives on-line and the Taddism that most of us now carry a computer in our pockets is true.
Next on the agenda was Sean Riches of Erskine Nash. Sean is a specialist in Leadership & Management, watching him train is a joy – he is actually more than a trainer – he is a facilitator – where he leads, you will follow. He ran a one day workshop for a group of 12, all of whom had attended our Conference. In fact, we had 57 people who wanted to attend and not this is not surprising since the way in which Sean presented at the Conference was fun, interactive, unsettling, thought provoking and unique. The workshop bought together individuals from small to large letting agencies and through some very innovative activities, Sean was able to create an environment where team-work, the ability to manage and lead, and skill sets were explored. The group left at the end of the day full of enthusiasm and clambering for more.
Finally, Friday 12th July saw a group, myself included spend the day with Linda Cruse, Humanitarian, aid-worker and author. We, society, do good – we give to charity, we help others, we volunteer. Linda has spent the last years of her life dedicated to helping people across the world on the front-line, places most of us have only ever read about or seen on TV.
So what can an aid worker offer a group of business people? A lot and one day just wasn’t enough. Although the group knew each other professionally, Linda’s objective was to bring us closer through a few simple exercises. And these exercises were developed by Linda after having spent years observing different nationalities and the way in which they interact within their communities. Linda was also able to change the dynamic of the room and raise positivity to such a level that one of the delegates described the experience as “The most unforgettable experience ever” – and it was just that. Even leaders in industry can learn a lot from a woman like Linda Cruse. She understands that whilst many in the Western world focus on negativity, a person living in Nepal is happier because they have just been provided with running water.
I am fortunate enough to work with letting agents and property managers every day. I don’t just work with them, I talk to them, I know the peaks and troughs they experience and that was why the Conference was successful – it was tailored to the needs of our client base. But more importantly, the artwork that was created by our speakers is now stronger than we could have hoped.
A lot of conferences are memorable because of one or two speakers – ours was memorable because of seven.

Susie Crolla – 17th July 2013