We recently received an email from a client who has booked on to our Conference on the 18th September and he said that he always finds the Conferences difficult to predict – it’s full of surprises and that he could listen to each one of our prospective speakers for a whole day.

Our client is right – our Conferences always offer something different, something that stimulates the mind and the senses, and this year is no exception. In three weeks’ time it will all be over, delegates will be travelling back to their destinations reflecting upon what was good or bad about the day (conferences are like weddings, you can’t please everyone!); sponsors will be relishing the thought of new business prospects and the speakers will have left us all with something to think about, something to implement or change about our businesses.

The backdrop is the Emirates Stadium, always a pleasure to return to, even for those who do not support Arsenal! The stadium provides a platform of positivity, success and motivation. We are always extremely well looked after and that makes everyone very happy. So all the arrangements have been made, the stage has been set, but what can the conference do for the delegates on the day?

As summer draws to a close we are moving towards a “new term”. As children and students embark on a “new academic year”, those working in the private rented sector are doing the same. The last 18 months have been fraught with challenges and change and our objective is to ensure that this new term starts by ensuring that all our delegates are aware of the changes that they are going to have to face. This year we aim to give you an insight into what’s happening in the here and now. We’ll be reviewing the current market place in a highly practical way and we’ll be looking into the future, trying to identify the drivers that will influence how you run your business and to prepare you for that. Additionally following the hugely successful and inspirational talk by Linda Cruse last year, we are continuing with the motivational, inspirational theme – with a couple of interesting twists!

In the “here and now” the legislative and technical elements will be dealt with by Christopher Hamer, The Property Ombudsman, Judith Butler, Assistant Legal Director from the Competitions and Market Authority (CMA) and John Coyne, LLB, Barrister (who will focus on Compulsory Redress, Complaints Handling, CPRs, The ASA Ruling, Superstrike v Rodrigues, Spencer V Taylor, the Consumer Contract Regulations and the Consumer Protection Guidance for Lettings. Kevin Cahill, author and investigative journalist will give a perspective on the historic legal dimension to property ownership in the UK. He is eminently qualified for this having written 2 books, “Who Owns Britain” and “Who Owns the World” These are all relevant and meaty topics – something to get your teeth into!
On a slightly different technical theme Jon Notley, Commercial Director of Zoopla will give us his view of the contemporary property market place and how he sees things developing over the next few years.

Management and leadership in the SME sector will be the focus of Richard Hunt CBE, chair of the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust. With his considerable experience as a CEO, executive coach and founder of The Leadership Vault, Richard will share the pearls of wisdom which will help us all hone in on our leadership skills.
In an alternative approach to life and management, Stephanie Davies is going to take us on a journey through the psychology of laughter and its application to the workplace. A stand-up comedian by night and an author, successful businesswoman and entrepreneur by day, Stephanie has made her company “Laughology” into one of the leading providers of training and development, using humour and laughter to optimise performance and results.

One of the recurring questions about the conference is why is a Shaolin Monk attending a conference which focuses on the lettings industry. The day will end with our key-note speaker, Matthew Ahmet, who as a teenager, aged 16, left home to live in a Shaolin Temple in China to become a Shaolin Warrior. The key words in Matthew’s vocabulary are dedication, focus and positivity.We won’t know until September 18th what Matthew will be doing, but we have no doubt that it will be inspirational and motivational.
It is going to be one amazing day. If you want to be at a Conference that is difficult to predict and full of surprises, with speakers, each one of whom you could listen to all day – be at The Emirates Stadium on the 18th September…

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