We work in an industry of ever decreasing margins and have to cut down on staff and other costs to make a reasonable profit. Lettings and property management staff are so busy doing their daily job that we have to wonder if there is the time and money to train our staff.
I am sure that many of us have joined companies – sometimes as the new manager – to find that members of staff carry out their role as taught by someone that went before them. Often these practices are incorrect and there but for the grace of god the company could find themselves in trouble.
I am lucky enough to have studied the BTEC level 4 Professional Diploma taught by the Guild of Letting and Management. The course takes you through every aspect of letting property from advising the landlord which property to invest in to the property management of that property. OK so I have a few fancy letters after my name. So what. Effective training does a number of things. It raises the professional standards of the company and sets you apart from those that do not invest in training. But what does it do for the individual member of staff? Training gives us confidence to carry out a role. It also motivates us and that confidence and motivation is not lost on our clients and perhaps more importantly potential clients.
The Guild offers various levels of training. From the all-encompassing Level 4 BTEC to the day courses that cover important topics. Some courses can be undertaken by correspondence and some are tutorial. We know that apart from the tutor input the other major plus of a tutorial is inter acting with other students from different companies.
I cannot emphasise enough what a difference to the staff member and therefor the Company effective training can make. Clients notice the difference in the professional standards that are being offered and it will attract business thereby negative the training cost.
Wyn Morgan