Training for me is not like work, it is not a job, it is a passion. Last week was no different to any other training session we run, it was a well attended course, the venue looked after us extremely well, the admin team organised the day beautifully and I turned up to do my job. However, two things were different today; the group of agents attending the course were engaged, motivated, inspired – not that the people I usually train are anything other than positive. Yet this course requires the group to be open, honest, trusting of others, for the course being delivered focused on business development. The content differs from the other courses we run because as opposed to dealing with technical and legal issues, audit trails, compliance and so on, we drill down into the detail of what makes one agent better than other; we analyse current practices and explore how we can maximise this potential to set the benchmark high and provide the best possible service we can without sacrificing fees. And yes, fee structures feature heavily on this course. don’ be mistaken that this business development course is just about money. We focus on sourcing landlords, dealing with objections, marketing, streamlining systems and being exceptional. Rather than blending in with the crowd, we ensure that by the end of the day we realise that standing out from the crowd is what makes us unique. We want to be remembered for offering a service of quality, a service that our landlord client and tenants will remember. After 8 and half hours of focusing on change, not one single delegate was bored, asleep or desperate to leave the training room. Together we put together generic action plans based on what was discussed through out the day and set down some firm deadlines. The surprise was that everything discussed could be implemented almost immediately at very little cost. Dropping one’s fees will be a thing of the past for the group I worked with. They left inspire, motivated and ready for the transitional phase that the next step will bring. Susie Crolla